Pierre Kaffer: Looking straight ahead

Pierre Kaffer felt great dissapointment at the 24hrs of Le Mans. The experiences longdistance driver and his teamcolleagues Luis Perez Companc (ARG) and Nicolas Minassian (FRA) went over the finish line and got a good 5th place in the LMP2-class, but it wasn't what the Team Pecom Racing around  Pierre Kaffer hoped for. With the quick Oreca-Nissan of the LMP2-crew there was much more possible. Unlucky Safety-Car-Phases in the early stages of the race threw the team far back. The 24hrs race was overshadowed by the deathly accident of the 34 years young Däne Allan Simonsen.

Pierre Kaffer: "The tragic death of my former team colleague Allan Simonsen has touched me deeply. Impossible to think what his family is going through. My thoughts are with them. The accident and its aftermath put the sport in Le Mans in the background, but still I am disappointed with our performance. Much more was possible. After my first stints I was able to get the car with strong laptimes towards a podium place. It looked really good. Our pit stops were unlucky. As the safty car was out we had to wait at the red light on the exit of the pit stop. This threw us far back. To make up leeway in this extremly highly competitive and strong LMP2-class is impossible. It is frustrating, as we had the requiered speed to get a place at the podium. I will quickly make a tick on this race and look ahead. Next weekend I will move in a different sports world. With the Team Starworks Motorsport I will start at the Grand-AM-Lauf in Watkins Glen. My teamcolleagues in this quick Daytona-Prototype will be Brendon Hartley and Scott Mayer. I am really looking forward to the US-Trip and hope, that we will have more success than in Le Mans."


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